What We Do

We provide humanitarian aid to those fleeing war, poverty and persecution who arrive in Europe hoping for a safer and better life.

Whilst we work predominately in France we work with others to support those we can, wherever they are.

The first three years were spent helping on the ground Volunteers and Refugees in the Calais ‘Jungle’. We made very frequent trips to the Camp to distribute not just the basics but mobile phones, games/toys for children, tarpaulins for shelters, a generator (or 2 !) to keep the restaurants lit and to provide charging stations for mobiles. We procured, kitted out and donated a large number of caravans (with our Jungle Canopy friends) which became home to vulnerable women, children and families. We “bought” a disused restaurant and transformed it into an eating space for the Eritrean Community. Mad, sad and difficult days.

Following the total eviction of the Jungle, smaller more hidden camps sprung up. We assembled food packs, donated euros to help a small team set up a tea station on the streets of Paris, salvaged tents/sleeping bags and with an amazing herculean effort a 26 ton lorry took the lot to France! We support those on the ground and those who just need a bit of help.The more unusual requests have been for an traditional Eritrean Christening dress for a mother to wear to the baptism of her remaining twin (one had passed away); one way train tickets for 2 minors to get away from the streets of Paris to the safety of their brother in Germany; a ticket for a lady to see her mother before she died; many a bed for the night; hot meals and phone top-ups are all part of what do.