About Us

Side by Side Refugees (SBS) was created by two ‘ordinary Essex mums in 2015 in response to the growing refugee crisis in Europe. Like many parents, they watched in horror as thousands risked and lost their lives to escape violence and destruction back home and to find a safer life for their family. They saw their own children reflected in the frightened, desperate faces crammed onto boats and in the heart-breaking small body of Alan Kurdi, washed ashore in Turkey and felt compelled to do whatever they could do to help. What began as a simple crowd-funding exercise quickly grew as more and more ordinary people offered their support, and Side by Side became an amazing team of volunteers brought together by a shared compassion and determination not to let people down in their hour of need.

Fast forward five years and we continue to collaborate, more than ever, with other like-minded small Charities to get what is needed to where it is needed.