Liz Morgan

Liz used to work with Kat at a London Design Agency in London when she organised Events and Exhibitions. After a quick chat one afternoon, Liz found herself part of the team and is now responsible for the ‘back room’ stuff and the general day to day running of the Charity. var starter = new SktbuilderStarter({"mode": "prod", "skip":["jquery","underscore","backbone"],"sktbuilderUrl": "", "driver": new SktbuilderWordpressDriver({"ajaxUrl": "", "iframeUrl": "", "pageId": 3699, "pages": [{"title":"Home","url":""},{"title":"Photo Gallery","url":""},{"title":"Get in Touch","url":""},{"title":"Donate","url":""},{"title":"Side by Side with Volunteers","url":""}], "page": "Liz Morgan" }) });